Miss Navajo Nation Pageant

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant 2022


Contestant #1

  • Valentina Clitso, 25
  • Mother’s Clan: Tódich’ii’nii
  • Father’s Clan: Bit’ahnii
  • Maternal Grandfather: Tó’áhani
  • Paternal Grandfather: ‘Ásh??hi
  • Home town: Black Mesa, AZ

Contestant #2

  • Gypse Pete, 25
  • Mother’s Clan: Kin?ichii’nii
  • Father’s Clan: Deeshchii’nii
  • Maternal Grandfather: Bit’ahnii
  • Paternal Grandfather: M?’ii deeshgiizhinii
  • Home town: Rock Point, AZ
  • Contestant #3
    • Breanna Davis, 21
    • Mother’s Clan: M?’ii deeshgiizhinii
    • Father’s Clan: T?’ááshchí’í
    • Maternal Grandfather: Tótsohnii
    • Paternal Grandfather: Lók’aa’ dine’é
    • Home town: Many Farms, AZ

Navajo Nation Fair

September 4-11, 2022

Window Rock, AZ

Pageant ScheduleButchering Competition
Traditional Food Competition

Contemporary Skills & Talent Competition
Traditional Skills & Talent Competition

6:00 PM – Coronation
Navajo Nation Fairgrounds

For more information call 928-206-9989

Navajo Nation Fair for 2022 Info:





ronda-joe-miss-navajo-nation-2016-17Ronda Joe – Miss Navajo Nation 2016-17
Rock Point Chapter/Northern Agency

Of the Towering House Clan, born for Water Flow Together Clan


Miss Navajo Nation Pageant Contestants Photos

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant Contestants 2016

Contestant #1: Kaylee Begay – Chinle Chapter/Central Agency

My name is Kaylee Walker Begay. I am of the Zuni-Edgewater Clan, born for the Tangle People Clan. My maternal grandfather is of the Red Cheek People Clan and my paternal grandfather is the Red-Streaked People Clan. I am 23 years old originally from Canyon De Chelly, a place called “Cottonwood Canyon.”

Kaylee Begay

Contestant #2: Ronda Joe – Rock Point Chapter/Northern Agency
I am of the Towering House Clan, born for Water Flow Together Clan. My maternal grandfather is of the Within His Cover Clan and my paternal grandfathers are Red Streak Running Into Water Clan. My parents are Matilda Descheny and Ronnie Joe. I am 22 yrs old from Rock Point, AZ.

Ronda Joe

Contestant #3: Deidra Wilson – Wheatfields Chapter/Central Agency
Greetings, my name is Deidra Wilson, my clans are Red Cheek People, born for Big Water. My maternal clan is Near the Water and my paternal clan is Towering House. I am 24 years young and from Wheatfields, AZ.

Deidra Wilson

Contestant #4: Alissa Copi – Breadsprings Chapter/Eastern Agency
I am Dibe’lzhini born for Tachii’nii. My maternal grandparents are Shash dine’e Tsi’naajinii and my paternal grandparents are Kiyaa’aanii. I am 23 years old and I come from Red Rock, New Mexico. My mother and father are Alfreda and Herman Copi.

Alissa Copi

Contestant #5: Shannon Gorman – Chinle Chapter/Central Agency
Shannon Gorman, 24 from Chinle is of the Towering House Clan, born for the Mud Clan. Her maternal grandparents are of the One who Walks Around Clan and her paternal grandparents are of the Zuni-Water’s Edge Clan. Her parents are Sharon and Walter Gorman.

Shannon Gorman

Contestant #6: Mariah Claw – Chinle Chapter/Central Agency
Mariah Nicole Claw, 23, belongs to the Big Water People and is born for the Bitter Water People. Her maternal grandfather belongs to the Black Sheep Clan and her paternal grandfather is of the Coyote Pass Clan. Mariah’s parents are Sharon Thompson Claw who is from Lukachukai, Arizona and Jimmy Claw. Jr. from Chinle, Arizona.

Mariah Claw

Contestant #7: Atheina Claw – Nazlini Chapter
My name is Atheina Danylle Claw. I am the Towering House Clan, born for the Bitter Water Clan. My maternal grandfather is the Mexican People Clan and my paternal grandfather is the Mountain People Clan. I am 24 years old. My parents are Dempsey and Anita Claw.

Atheina Claw

Contestant #8: Rodina Jordan – Oaksprings Chapter
Rodina N. Jordan is of the Salt Water Clan and born for the Salt Clan. Her maternal grandfathers are of the Folded Arms People Clan and her paternal grandfathers are of the Mud Clan. Rodina is the daughter of Marlene Jordan and Robert Nelson. She is 25 years old.

Rodina Jordan

Miss Navajo Nation Pageant Contestants 2016

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