Miss Northern Navajo Teen Pageant 2013

Miss Northern Navajo Teen 2013 Contestants

1-Kahlaya McKinney, Vanessa Lister and Noellani Buck

Left to right – Kahlaya McKinney, Vanessa Lister and Noellani Buck,

Wednesday October 01, 2013
5:30 PM-7:30 PM

Traditional Frybread/Teen Skill/Talent Competition
Wednesday October 02, 2013
7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Shiprock Fair Office/Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center

Thursday October 03, 2013
Modern Competition
8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Phil Thomas Performing Arts Center

Navajo Nation Fair Frybread Contest Results

66th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Frybread Contest Results

Event Presented by Navajo Agricultural Products Industry.

Navajo Nation Fair Frybread Contest

Contestants: Winners/Cash Prize:

1. Gladys Jones 1st Place – $500.00

2. Eric Manuelito 2nd Place – $300.00
Tohatchi, N.M.

3. Lucy Mannie 3rd Place – $200.00
Window Rock

4. Michael Eriacho 4th Place – $100.00
Ramah, N.M.

Miss Navajo Nation Frybread Contest

Photos from  Frybread Contest

Frybread Contest 1

Navajo Frybread Contest 2

Navajo Frybread Contest 3

Navajo Frybread Contest 4

Navajo Frybread Contest 5

Navajo Frybread Contest 6

Hazel Yazza Frybread Pavilion

Navajo Nation Fairgrounds

Contestant #1
Charlene Goodluck
Shiprock Chapter

Contestant #2
Seri Maryboy
Red Mesa Chapter

Contestant #3
Krystal Parkhurst
St. Michaels Chapter

Contestant #4
Leandra Thomas
Steamboat Chapter

Contestant #5
Verrica Livingston
Twin Lakes Chapter

Contestant #6
Brittany Hunt
Shonto Chapter

Contestant #7
Wallitta Begay
Oljato Chapter