Navajo Squaw Dance 1873

View of a Native American (Navajo) Circle Dance (Squaw Dance) at Fort Defiance (McKinley County), New Mexico.

Navajo Squaw Dance 1873

The men wear woven shirts and pants, hats and necklaces. Some men are on horseback and three men sit on the ground nearby. The adobe buildings and a log wall at Fort Defiance are in the distance.
Creator(s) – O’Sullivan, Timothy H., 1840-1882.

Date 1873

Notes: “Expedition of 1872, 1st Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler. Corps of Engineers, Commanding.” printed on stereo card.; Descriptive information printed on label on verso reads: “Navajoe Indian Dance, at old Fort Defiance, N.M.”; Formerly F22756;

Number “80” etched in original negative reproduced in photographic print.; Stamp on verso shows eagle logo and reads: “War Department, Corps on Engineers, U.S. Army. Geographical and Geological Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian.

2 Navajo Girls holding Hands

2 Navajo girls - Mabell and Nora at Marble Canyon, holding hands

Navajo Girls Mabell and Nora at Marble Canyon, AZ

Date: 1940s
Photo by: Muench, Josef
Repository Northern Arizona University. Cline Library.

Navajo Family in Canyon de Chelly, AZ 1920-1940

Navajo family in Canyon De Chelly, AZ. Date  1920-1940

Title: Navajo family in Canyon de Chelly, AZ
Subject: Navajo Indians; Chelly, Canyon de (Ariz.)
Description: Navajo family in Canyon de Chelly, AZ.
Publisher: Center for Southwest Research, University Libraries, University of New Mexico
Date Original: ca. 1920-1940

Inter-Tribal Night Performance- Navajo Fair Photos


Inter Tribal Night Performance Navajo Fair 1

Miss San Carlos Apache, Miss Northern Navajo Miss Apache Indian, and Jr Miss Mt. Turnbull

Laute  Mountain Apache Girl

Inter Tribal Night Performance Navajo Fair 2

Apache Dancers

Inter Tribal Night Performance Navajo Fair 3

Frank Begay Navajo Hoop Dancer

Frank Begay Navajo Hoop DancerFrank Begay a Navajo Hoop Dancer,  toured Yugoslavia and Italy during 1962 with the Duqesne University of Pittsburgh.
Source: Denver Public Library Digital Collections.


5 Year Old Navajo Boy Riding Sheep

Woolly Rider Competition
Navajo National Fair 2012

Navajo Children Examine Their Family Pick-Up Truck

Navajo Children Examine Their Family Pick-Up Truck

Photographer: Terry Eiler

Repository: U.S. National Archives

Red Rock (Navajo Nation, Arizona, United States, Ford 150 Truck, 1950s


Navajo Bareback Horse Race Photo

Navajo Bareback Horse Race-- Fruitland

Native American (Navajo) men take part in a bareback horse race at Fruitland, New Mexico.

The men wear no shoes.

The horses have leather bridles. Spectators stand nearby. Between 1908 and 1910.

Photo of a “Navajo Barber Shop”

Navajo Barber Shop

“Navajo Barber Shop” –  An Navajo Indian women dresses her husband’s hair as they sit on the desert floor in the open-air-living room. The man holds the string with which the women will bind his locks. Doing each others hair is a sign of affection for each other.

Photo and Caption by Josef Muench.

BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY: Josef Muench was born in Bavaria February 8, 1904. At the age of 11 he received his first camera and began a lifelong interest in capturing nature on film. He arrived in the United States with his brother in 1926 and eventually settled in Santa Barbara, California. In the 1930s, Muench began his long association with Arizona Highways Magazine. Josef Muench died in 1998.

Photo of Navajo Children On the Reservation

Navajo Childern On the Reservation with Girl Riding Donkey

Navajo Children On the Reservation with Girl Riding Donkey